Welcome to Divine Vision Samaj Kalyan Samiti

DVS Kalyan Samiti has always promoted farmers to work in sustainable and agriculturally responsible ways, this vision is vital, now more than ever before. We have introduced, developed and promoted sustainable methods and technologies to vast numbers of farmers and communities. The growth over the last five years has been very decent. The average annual growth in the expenditure has been over 30% . We have expanded our operation geographically by adding new locations and have also added sub- programme within the overall programme themes. However, there is no room for complacency’ we need to implement additional growth strategies .... Read more about us


Women Empowerment Training

DVS Kalyan Samiti realized that 'the way of development of a nation, passes through villages. Keeping this in his mind, he ventured with his likeminded colleagues and supporters. Since its inception they had a dedication and commitment to serve a higher purpose of humanity.

Farmer Training Programme

Under the rural / horticulture development programme of the society the farmers of the village of district were informed about the methods of scientific agriculture. On this occasion improved seeds were distributed among the villagers. Apart from this they were demonstrated the methods


Considering the availability of raw materials in plenty the society organized a training camp on scope in the food processing industry. The camp was attended by many youths. Some of these youths have started their own food processing units and are earning their livelihood.